Imagine a coffeehouse like no other: one that is a catalyst for progressive change; the engine room for a global network; a place where great ideas are born. This is a project which will put the RSA’s networks at the very heart of RSA House.

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How will the RSA coffeehouse deliver a 21st century Enlightenment?

An engine room for a global community 

The project will see two floors of the House transformed into a new coffeehouse dedicated to the RSA mission. Based on the principle of an auditorium, an innovative ‘Hellerup Stair’ will connect both floors and can be used as a free to hire mini-amphitheatre by anyone with an idea worth sharing. The ability to live-stream from the Hellerup Stair will plug the coffeehouse into the RSA’s global network. As well as providing the requisite fuel necessary for a 21st century Enlightenment (excellent all day dining and superb coffee), the coffeehouse will also provide collaborative space for almost 200 people.

Our vision

Our vision is for the coffeehouse to be a place where individuals become part of a greater movement for social change. We want it to be a natural home for anyone who wants to change the world, enabling people to connect, share knowledge, collaborate, and build new communities to tackle the social challenges of our time. To make this vision a reality, we will be launching a platform to crowdsource innovative ideas from the Fellowship about how the coffeehouse can help deliver the RSA mission: 21st century Enlightenment: enriching society through ideas and action.