If we told you that an area of rainforest the size of Glastonbury Festival is destroyed every fifteen minutes you’d be horrified, right?

Greenpeace are at Glastonbury to stand tall, stand strong and to be a part of the movement to protect the lungs of our planet – our forests. Festivals are a time to celebrate and find positive solutions to our contemporary issues and ‘Stand for Forests’ is the key message we will be focusing on this year. The myth of a limitless forest is slowly giving way to the reality of forests as a home to priceless biodiversity in flora, fauna and people. With help from our supporters Greenpeace are stopping illegal timber from Cameroon from reaching European ports, we’re barring the expansion of soya plantations into the Amazon, we’re fighting fires in Russia, and we’re getting in the path of bulldozers, again and again. This is the vision of hope and direct action that the Greenpeace Field will represent this year at Glastonbury. A movement to protect forests is bigger than any single group or organisation: it includes everybody. We will come together as individuals, as groups, as Greenpeace to defend our forests.

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Our mission is to halt deforestation everywhere. And more than that, we are determined to ensure that by the middle of this century, we’ll have more forests on the planet that we have today. Every single action we take will bring us one step closer to our vision of a green and peaceful world where every forest will remain standing strong forever.

If you want to learn more about Greenpeace at Glastonbury Festival, visit our Worthy Causes page. If you want to find out more about Greenpeace in general, click here  or you can show your support by tweeting us @GreenpeaceUK #StandForForests



Everything we do is to help ensure the long-term health of our planet for both people and nature. This means defending our climate, oceans, forests, soils, atmosphere and our diverse plant and animal life.

What sets Greenpeace apart are our methods for bringing about positive change. We use peaceful, high-profile, real-world investigations and interventions to uncover wrong-doing and to champion solutions. Our work is designed to transform government, industry and society in order to live within environmental limits.

By focusing on doing, rather than commentating we inspire people to confront the governments and corporations driving environmental destruction and empower them to bring about real, beneficial change. We’re not paid or swayed by any government or corporation. Individuals are our only source of financial support and Michael Eavis is one of them!

People are the heart of everything we do, and our movement is made up of ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Together we show up, we stand up and we get things done. And we’ll do it again tomorrow until we live in a greener and more peaceful world.


The world is changing fast. Whether or not you voted for Brexit and whatever you think of President Trump, there’s no doubt that both have put decades of hard-won environmental protection at risk.

Why? Because almost all of the UK’s environmental regulations currently come from the EU and the Trump administration is attacking measures to combat pollution. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Already climate change is melting the Arctic, bleaching corals, and causing dramatic floods and droughts. If we’re going to meet the climate commitments made in Paris in 2015, we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground and end deforestation. We must shift decisively in the coming decade to electric vehicles, renewable energy and a less meat-intensive diet to protect valuable habitats. Furthermore, we need to embrace a circular economy – reducing, reusing & recycling as much as we can.


This year Greenpeace launched an ambitious new campaign to reduce air pollution and stop plastics destroying marine life. We are also committed to defending forests around the world and championing offshore wind. The need for our movement has never been greater. With supporters like you, we have the courage, commitment and creativity to defend the progress we’ve made, and keep going further. We’re all part of the first generation to truly know the threat we face from climate change, and we’re the last generation who can do something about it. Let’s seize this moment.

John Sauven, Executive Director



SOURCE: Greenpeace