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Saturday September 23, 2017 Written by Garry

Ali Alamedy dreams up, designs and constructs hyper-realistic small worlds. The photography studio pictured above took him nine months to create, two of which were dedicated just to research. With zero formal training, Ali’s approach is to find something that piques his interest – a profession, a story, an area of the world – and research the heck out of it until he feels suitably informed to reproduce it.

In the striking New York Times film below, Ali explains, “The challenge is that when I create those details, I don’t just try to make them close to the real thing, I actually want them to be 100% accurate.” He even weathers his building materials and props to make them look more real.

Ali Alamedy’s miniature dioramas are inspired by wherever his interests and imagination take him, be it to a 19th-century photography studio, a Cuban street scene, a grungy alleyway, or a child’s room filled with wooden toys.

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Ali’s story is all the more inspiring as the model-maker fled Iraq to settle in Turkey, where he has honed his skills and been able to connect his work to the world. “After the Islamic State entered Iraq, the situation became very dangerous for my family and me,” he explains in the film. “Working on miniatures has been a big part of motivating me to move on in life and get through this difficult stage, because all my attention is poured into the piece I’m making.”

Alamedy posts his own work over at Behance.


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