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7 ways to trigger world peace

Closed: June 22, 2021
22 Jun 2020
By Peter Kirby
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7 ways to trigger world peace
  1. Give every new born baby a feather, to learn how to laugh through ticklishness.
  2. Give every new born a flower, made from recycled arms (weapons that is, not human limbs).
  3. Recycle nappies into the building trade as insulation, playground rubber and flood barriers.
  4. Turn the city of London into an eco-naturist retreat at weekends.
  5. Persuade the NHS to give a Good Luck inoculation at the onset of winter each year to counteract Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.
  6. Start the world family tree jigsaw as a permanent growing piece of art, with every new born baby sprouting as a leaf from one big tree, so big it can be seen from space like the Nazca Lines, and if that feels like too much like hard word, just do it online.
  7. Create the opposite of a cemetery, a happy place, bereft of religion, where you can visit that commemorates birth with plaques, eulogies, ambitions. Grandparents and godparents can buy a plot of land as a birthing present. Call it a BIRTHMEADOW, buy a field, patent the name, but cut me in on the deal please.

By Peter Kirby. Photo Josh Willink/Pexels



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