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The story behind our film: The Girl Who Built a Rocket

5 Apr 2021
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The story behind our film: The Girl Who Built a Rocket

The story behind our film: The Girl Who Built a Rocket

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Johnty Gray

5 February 2021

At WaterAid, we are always looking for new ways to share stories which communicate a very real need for action. We have embarked on a  journey to adapt our advertising, and this is a step towards that.

Taking inspiration from real stories, we worked with creative agency Don’t Panic and colleagues in Madagascar to create our animated film, The Girl Who Built A Rocket, with a voice-over by Sir Trevor McDonald.

But nobody’s thirsty on Mars

This February, three missions are going into Mars orbit with two landers reaching the surface of Mars in the second half of the month. Those missions aim to look for water on the planet.

Exploration and discovery are part of the human spirit. These incredible ventures will lead us to answers and no doubt be of great value for the human race.

While these ventures look for water on Mars, our mission is to reach everyone, everywhere with water here on Earth.

A staggering 785 million people – that’s 1 in 10 who still don’t have access to clean water.

Our mission is here

Our film tells the story of Fara, a young girl from Madagascar who upon hearing on the radio that water has been found on Mars, sets about building a rocket to take her there and to bring back water for her village.

Fara always dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

When the attempt inevitably fails, she discovers that work is already underway to get clean water in her village. As work on the new water point is almost finished, she and her father turn the final bolt to start the water flowing, as the rest of the community, with the support of WaterAid finish working on the pipework.

Although Fara and her community are fictional characters, they and their surroundings are very much inspired by real people...





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