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UN Live - Join the Global We

21 Sep 2022
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UN Live - Join the Global We



Our first global exhibition


A Global We for Climate Action

Unleashing the power of culture to inspire local action and drive global change.


Join the Global We

We are running out of time to act on climate change – but there is hope if we get ‘the many’ across the world involved. Currently, many people are left out of the conversation, and feel little agency in shaping the future of the world; especially younger generations, people disproportionately affected by climate change, and people in conflict-ridden or impoverished societies.

We are launching a global programme, “Global We for Climate Action,” to bring the voices of the many into the climate agenda. We seek to connect unrepresented voices across the globe in conversation around the issues that matter for our planet – and help establish channels to bring these perspectives to the ‘formal leaders’ of the world, who have the power and means to accelerate the decisions we need to protect our planet.


We are building the world’s biggest, most inclusive conversation for climate change

To enable inclusive conversations across borders, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, we are partnering with IKEA Foundation to build a network of ‘global portals,’ in collaboration with our implementation partner, Shared_Studios. In its simplest form, portals are repurposed shipping containers that are equipped with large screens and high-quality audio to create immersive experiences, enabling eye-to-eye, life-size conversations between participants in distant parts of the world, who feel as though they are in the same room.

We are setting up 25 portals around the world, hosted by both public and private institutions that connect with a wide audience.

We invite you to take part in shaping a Global We for Climate Action.


We will be present across the world – starting with 25 locations in 2022.




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