The concept is simple. We share stories from reliable informed sources that contribute to our understanding of people and planet. Integrated, is a social network for sharing the stories and new ideas that spring from them. 

The Olive Network (ON) connects positive change makers. By forging links with charities, NGOs, International Orgs, art galleries, science and education institutions, ON offers a 21st century meeting place that tilts societies lens towards the humanities and progressive long-term thinking, fostering reason, honesty and compassion. ON invites its users to share their own stories and engage with the organisations that have a presence on the platform.

The main body of the website branches out into platforms that draw various threads itogether, extending a focused voice to issues of the day and providing a springboard for research and learning. 

Our ethos is reflected in the story of the olive tree which offers fruit and fuel and healing – the olive branch, a symbol of peace.

Here is a short, introductory film. Dur: 1m 14s




The Olive Network has been created not just as the consequence of internet innovation but as the result of years of work in ethics, charities fundraising, the NGO sphere, media, communications and the arts.



Donovan Preddy - Design advisor: Donovan's background is in web and digital product design. At The Olive Network, he's helping to make the website serve its readers even more than it already does.


Roger Thorp – Founder: Roger is a film-maker and artist.  An important tranche of his career was working as a producer/director for NGOs and Charities including WWF,  International Labour Organisation, International Red Cross and United Nations Environment Programme.



Lucy Margaret – Founding Partner and Communications: Lucy’s background is in media relations at Greenpeace UK and Sustrans – the National Cycle Network - and in establishing new online ventures. 


Peter Kirby – Founding Partner and Copywriter: Peter’s background is in the advertising world working on extensive national and international campaigns. His creative writing has appeared in The Guardian, Design Museum, Channel 4 and Tate. 


Ben Suffell – Founding Partner and Marketing: Ben currently runs a charity fund raising organisation. Marketing, account management, people management, finance, business direction, new technology and fundraising consultancy are where his skills lie.